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Birth: June 9, 1954  

Bar Mitzvah


First Bar Mitzvah in newly expanded Bnei Ruven Shul

First Yechidus with the Rebbe

1967   |    12 Tammuz

Experienced his first Yechidus, private audience, with the Rebbe, accompanied by Rabbi Hershel Shusterman and his son Mendel, in honor of his Bar Mitzvah.

Bar Mitzvah.jpg

Graduated from Bais Yaakov, boys Elementary School 

Accepted into Yeshivas Tomchei Timimim in Montreal 

1969   |    5730

After his parents visit the yeshiva and with a recommendation letter of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Hecht, he is accepted in Yeshiva in Lubavitcher yeshiva in Montreal Canada. Meets Rabbi Yisroel Edelman Chavrusa.

Purim Spent in London, Ontario 

Spends Purim with Rabbi Dr. Yitzchok Block

Merkos Shlichus to Toronto, CA

Stays at the home of young Lubavich Mashpia,
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Aronow

Head counselor in Gan Israel Summer camps

Montreal and Detroit 

07 Bronoy France.jpg

Answer from The Rebbe "Baruch Hashem Batchilo"

Camp newsletter story

5735      Shliach in Brunoy, France Yeshiva

08A letters from Brunoy France  to telse

5735      Merkos Shlichus to Sweden

This sparks interest from Merkos to send more groups of bochurim subsequently. 

09 Learning in 770 upstairs.jpg


1975   |   5736

Marries Esther Rochel Aronow from Toronto, at the wedding many Chicago guests. Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Hecht is mesader kedushin and says he feels like he is walking his grandson to the chuppa

02 Wedding pic.jpg

First Shliach of the Rebbe to Illinois

Administrative Assistant to Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Hecht. 

Joint 19 Kislev Farbrengen 

at Warsaw Bikur Cholim with Rabbi SZ Hecht
and Rabbi Hershel Shusterman 

Article in Chicago Tribune

1977   |   5737

Many learn about Chabad and its vision for Illinois. Yitzchok Tenenbaum becomes a supporter because of it. Friedman family in Lake forest reaches out for 50 mezuzos and later to kasher kitchen, family is transformed.

Gan Israel Summer Day Camp

1977   |   5737

Purchase First Chabad house in Illinois


Tannenbaum Chabad house

Mrs. Baila Grinker Secretary

Zoning Court Case for Chabad in Evanston

Cheder Lubavitch Established

1979   |   5739

18 Elul Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School opens in Mishna U'gmara Shul with one class for Girls. Mrs. ER Moscowitz teacher and Principal. 

Sukkah Fest on Deley Plaza

1979   |   5739

Thrown out of the office of Ben A Borenstein. Gershon Sternberg story

Evanson Chabad House

Menorah on Daley Plaza

First Shluchim Hired 

1980   |   5740

7395_001 - Menorah.jpg

Rabbi Binyomin and Hindy Scheiman move to Chicago to work for LCI Summer camps and teach in Cheder in Adar.

Establishment of first Branch: North Suburban Lubavitch Chabad Highland Park

1980   |   5740

Rabbi Yossi and Michla Schnowitz come to Chicago for Cheder teacher and Chabad of Highland Park. Establish their Matzah Bakery, Shofar factory and Dreidel house.

Kolle Tefers zekainim and Tzivos Hashem

1980   |   5740

5979_004 Kolel T'feres LY.jpg

Jewish Prisoners Assistance foundation

1981   |   5741

now known as the HINDA institute


1981   |   5741

Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Notik expand work of Mrs. Rita Kosofsky

Couples group in Northbrook

1982   |   5742

5974_015 FREE.jpg
5974_018 FREE.jpg

Wasserman, Lifshits… Jackie Mason concert RDM gives him a menorah = tears,

First Mitzvah Tank

1982   |   5742

[tribune article }

5207_011 Lag B'omer 5747.jpg

Couples group in Lincolnwood

Doug and Sue Kahn, Davis Family, 

Mitzvah Mobile


First Car Top Menorah


Torah on the phone

1983    |   5743  

First Tanya Printed in Illinois

1984    |   5744

Utilizing a new technology a Tanya was printed in Chicago for the first time in history. Two years later more Tanyas were printed in many cities and suburbs. 

Cholov Yisroel in Chicago Receives a boost 

1984    |   5744

car menorah 1987.jpg
Photo Mar 17, 12 26 43 AM.jpg

Manufacturers threaten to reduce standards, Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz assures that community won't buy the milk, after sitting on the shelf for a week or two they reinstate the original standard.

Victory in Menorah on Daley Plaza Case 

Siyum Harambam

Lag B'omer Parade and Fair
Lag B'omer event takes on a new dimension with a Parade on California Ave from Devon to the ATT building on Pratt Blvrd

One of the first fax machines in a Jewish organization in Chicago 

Weekly Likkutei Sichos distributed to all local shuls 

1988   |   5748

Chabad of the Loop 

1988   |   5748

Chabad of the Loop and Sukkah on Dayley Plaza

Machon Chaya Mushka

Stage A.jpg

Lubavitch Girls High School

1989  |   5749

Chassidic Song Festival 


At evanston township high school on June 11.
Concert with Avraham Fried

Launch Community Sefer Torah

1991  |   5751

in honor of the Rebbe's 90th Birthday

Siyum Sefer Torah - Unity in the Community


Mitzvah Tank Good News America

1993  |   5753

Traveling Expo in Northbrook Court

1994  |   5754

Bais Menachem- Nusach Ari

1995  |   5755

Northbrook Chabad First Permanent Location

2000  |   5761

Andy Statman Trio, Ruby Harris, Chabad Choral Ensemble


Song and the Spirit June 30


Other Dates of Interest

Avraham (Drizin) Mayor stays in their home 78-79

6218 N. Francisco '77 '78 '79

6336 N. Whipple '80-'83

6450 N. Whipple 12 tammuz '83 - Elul 2001

1025 Landwehr Road, Northbrook Elul 5761 , 2001

farbrengens in their home with reb Mendel Futerfas and SD Reichik

first Lag B'omer in Mather Park '37 with the baby carriages of ER Moscowitz, Novak and Zimmerman

Lag B'omer at AG Beth Israel 

Lag B'omer Parade on California Ave to the ATT building in 1987

Purim: Community Seudos in Hillel Torah Many years

Chanukah: Concerts on Campus with Jan Pierce

Chanukah: Concerts for CGI scholarship fund Uncle Moshe at ETHS

Chanukah: Annual lighting events at Daley Plaza, Ron Ely Ron 

Anash Hagrolos to go to the Rebbe for Shabbos Mevorchim, raised an Anash community

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