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Chabad Illinois 30th Anniversary Dinner: Hero of Survival

Chabad Illinois 30th Anniversary Dinner: Hero of Survival

Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois 30th Anniversary Dinner, original song "A Hero of Survival" in memory of Prof. Librescu written by Bassie Moscowitz Sung by Mendel Lester, Yisroel New, & Mendel Perlstein. T.T.T.O. Niggun Meyuchos L’chassidei Hatzmach Tzeddek (Niggun מ"ג) Lyrics by: Bassie Moscowitz Darkness engulfs beyond the dreadful site, The world bemoans a tragic plight Deep confusion fills the air, Utter despair, Explosives blast the serenity, Many departed few sense recovery, The value of life a villain demeans Took innocent lives, shattered dreams Run, quick run, there’s no time to loose Life over death, you’re destined to choose My life is spent, my mission is through But there’s work yet to-do, So I wish to impart the gift of life to you I wish to impart the gift of life to you Oh, hero of survival, master of integrity Endured an era of misery Yet willing-to give up| his life in a trice To practice, self-sacrifice Oh, reenacting the feat-of martyrdom To only ה' would he succumb His physical existence did terminate The World of Truth – his new fate In Professor Librescu’s memory Women and girls, from the age of three Should usher in the Shabbos light Every Friday night, A soul ignite Through a single flash of courage Past and future he did bridge Carrying the torch, of unified sparks Embers from then, dispelling the dark With the tools at hand We must take a stand A lesson for all time We are to emulate this paradigm With the tools at hand let’s take a stand And Moshiach demand And bring tranquility Upon the land
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